Keep food spillage at bay with the Enterpack EHQ-200 machine. The counter-top automatic sealing system provides retailers with a no-spill, transparent, airtight seal on trays containing hot and cold food-to-go.

The compact machine works by sealing containers in seconds with a clear film, which comes in easy-peel and weld-seal options. It is suitable for meat, fish, vegetables, rice, fruit and even soup.

After switching on, the user has no contact with the machine, with the tray being passed through at the end of the cycle. It also keeps cross contam-ination to a minimum.

Over 400 different trays are available in a variety of materials, with the unit capable of handling trays up to 130mm wide x 180mm long.

A larger machine is being planned for the end of the year.

The company also makes a variety of other containers, including round and square options, plus trays with individual chambers.

The trays and film are made with eco-friendly materials for recycling.

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