Kingspan’s storage and dispensing arm has unveiled the Slimline Edge, a new tank that it claims will revolutionise AdBlue retailing.

The Slimline Edge’s triple-walled TriComp construction ensures the purity of AdBlue and offers full security and protection of its contents should the tank be accidentally punctured. The AdBlue is further protected by the tank’s integrated closed-fluid path systems and stainless steel piping.

The tank is also designed so the exterior walls can be fully customised to reflect a business’s brand identity and visuals, and users can also specify the roof colour. It’s slimline design also means it fits into the central island.

“This really hits the sweet-spot when it comes to innovation and sector development,” sais Kirstie Lassallette-Desnault, global commercial lead, AdBlue Equipment. “The team behind the Slimline Edge spent more than a year talking to the industry, and what they have done has broken the mould and changed the rules for AdBlue storage. Nothing in the sector comes close to it.

“Slimline Edge combines world-class design, an appreciation of the operating environment, the ultimate in product security and proven environmental protection. We can proudly say that our team has produced a truly iconic storage solution.

“Based on the feedback from leading global AdBlue players and partners, combined with recent awards, we are sure that the Slimline Edge is soon going to be a feature of petrol stations around the globe.”

“Kingspan has over 100 manufacturing and distribution sites across the world,” continued Kirstie. “And there are more than 10,000 Kingspan BlueMaster AdBlue storage and dispensing units currently operating within international markets from Christchurch to Santiago, so we know engineering, manufacturing and logistical operations will support the expected level of orders. We will offer fast turnaround on any size of customer orders from individual units to major, multiple contracts.”

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