Croydon-based vehicle wash supplier Wilcomatic is encouraging forecourt owners to install larger washes to cater for the large unmet market of commercial vans. For this it suggests units such as its new wider and higher Centus rollover machine.

Wilcomatic business development manager, Richard Morrison, said: "We have had enquiries from commercial van drivers who want to have clean vehicles that present their business in the best light, but want something quicker and easier than a jet wash, that will also reach roofs."

Most commercial car wash rollovers only accommodate vehicles up to 2.4m wide and 2.4m high, but the wider and higher Centus accommodates vehicles up to 2.7m wide and 3.1m high.

This means the vast majority of large commercial vans, such as the VW Transporter and Mercedes Sprinter, can be washed in less than three minutes.

The unit can still also deal efficiently with standard cars and larger 4x4s and crossovers.

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