LCM Environmental has developed what it describes as "the UK’s first inclusive fuel polishing and sampling service".

Peter Crowden, the company’s fuel polishing specialist, explained that the strategy behind the service was that it was always more cost effective for forecourt operators to carry out preventative maintenance rather than reacting when something has gone wrong.

He said: "We sample tanks to ensure the fuel is within specification and identify whether there is anything wrong with them. It is much easier and cheaper to solve a problem at an early stage rather than having a tank cleaned and writing off thousands of litres of fuel."

He recommended that operators should have their tanks sampled every three to six months and said LCM’s testing kit can detect a range of contaminants including diesel bugs. This can thrive on the organic element within biofuel if any moisture is present and creates waste which can damage tanks and pumps.

In cases where fuel is no longer up to standard, the company has a polishing service which will remove contaminants and return fuel to specification.

Crowden said: "We have the first fuel polishing tanker and the system will filter out contaminants, sludge and water, and will kill any biological growth."

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