Fuel retailers need to maximise the trade and margin from their non-fuel sales using the footfall that the forecourt creates, according to John Lewis, the new convenience and fuel manager for retail software provider PCMS.

Lewis, who has worked in the forecourt and convenience market for more than 25 years, said that convenience goods represent the real profit centre for forecourts, while fuel continues to make up the majority of the volume.

In response to this, PCMS has developed fuel and forecourt functionality into its Vision BeanStore technology that is said to seamlessly centralise control for single sites through to national chains with multiple sites, in order for them to develop and maintain sales growth of their convenience offering both on and off forecourt sites.

Existing pos equipment in the forecourt industry has been almost exclusively developed from fuel systems, said Lewis, who added that this is the first solution to enter the market that comes from a grocery and convenience background.

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