Suresite has extended its wet-stock management relationship with McColl’s Retail Group, which operates seven forecourts among its total estate of around 1,600 stores.

The group was among the first customers when Suresite launched its fully independent wet-stock service in 2016, and after evaluating the benefits of outsourcing wet-stock management, the company has decided to take advantage of a three-year fixed-price contract.

Sophie Hayzer, McColl’s maintenance and energy manager, said: "Suresite’s real-time fuel monitoring helps us to detect losses from leaks, theft or delivery shortages and identify potential issues as early as possible. We know that we can rely on Suresite to provide a great service and this new contract gives us the reassurance that we are future-proofed against changes in compliance requirements."

Byron Barker, wet-stock coordinator for Suresite, said: "McColl’s knows that we are monitoring the data and will let them know of any potential issues before they even start to present a problem."