A revolutionary new fuel meter - Xflo - will set a new standard of accuracy and save retailers thousands of litres of lost fuel, according to Piotr Pojedynek, marketing manager of Dresser Wayne’s European operation, which will launch the new meter on January 15.

"Xflo offers an alternative to the traditional displacement piston design - which is 50 years old - and is able to handle millions of litres of fuel over its lifetime without drifting from its pre-set factory tolerance," he says. Following extensive laboratory and field tests, Dresser estimates that the improved accuracy of the Xflo meter could save an average site more than 75,000 litres of fuel over five years; and virtually eliminate recalibration costs. It is also 20-30% faster than traditional piston meters, improving site throughput.

Pojedynek says the design features fewer moving parts - minimising wear and tear - and additional calibration points. "It can handle all flow conditions, fluid temperatures, densities and viscosities and is suitable for use with all the same fuel types compatible with standard piston meters," he says. "We also plan to adapt it for future use with ethanol, propane and in ultra high-capacity applications. It is compatible with Global Star, Ovation and Global Ovation fuel dispensers."

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