Berrys Global Innovations has launched Midas2, a portable system designed to eliminate fuel grade crossovers at forecourts.

Midas is a fully automated intelligent valve system that can discriminate between petrol and diesel. The new Midas2 version alerts the tanker driver of a fuel crossover as the fuel begins to discharge, preventing the incorrect fuel being dispensed into the forecourt tank.

Until now, Midas systems needed to be installed at individual forecourts and fixed to each tank or filling point. This required significant capital outlay. Berrys has solved this by creating Midas2 which is fitted to delivery tankers so a single installation can be used to eliminate cross-overs across multiple sites.

Midas2 is currently being tested in the Greenergy Flexigrid fleet. Following completion of the pilot, Greenergy Flexigrid will be the first haulage company to adopt Midas2 across the fleet in a phased roll-out.

Adam Franklin, chief executive of Greenergy Flexigrid, explained: "Midas2 will make product handling more efficient and provide additional protection for our customers from the costs and disruption associated with crossovers."

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