The Tokheim Eye forecourt security and retail system, which brings pumps, payment and imagery equipment together, has been enhanced with the introduction of an IP Connectivity module. This enables service station owners/managers to exploit a variety of fresh operational opportunities, according to the module’s developer, Metro Security Tokheim’s international partner for the full range of Tokheim Eye systems.

Metro’s managing director, Trevor Wallace, explains that the IP Connectivity software allows forecourt managers the flexibility to move CCTV cameras quickly, easily and inexpensively around the site to suit changing requirements.

"This module turns cameras into plug-and-play equipment, meaning you can redeploy them if the site configuration changes, security threats change, or you’re reacting to seasonal factors.

"For example, you could combine security and safety by monitoring Calor Gas bottles being sold as part of barbecue sets during the summer months and then switch the surveillance locations to cover other items in different parts of the shop and exterior site locations at alternative times of the year."

By using power over Ethernet (PoE) cabling, IP-enabled cameras can be positioned and connected over long cable lengths, without the need for an electrician. This significantly reduces costs by removing the disruption of an electrician’s visit and the need for intrinsically safe working conditions during their time on site. Uninterruptible power supply battery back-up for PoE systems also ensures there is no interruption in the operation in a power cut.

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