ELAFLEX is launching its new generation of ZVA Slimline 2 and ZVA Slimline 2 GR nozzles this month to replace the standard ZVA Slimline and ZVA 200 GR vapour recovery versions.

The Hertfordshire-based company says the new products have been developed due to the many new industry requirements, including environmental concerns, meeting customer wishes, improved grip and handling with reduced lever force and improved cleanliness on forecourts.

Improvements include better cleanliness with the diesel drip catcher - which is now integrated into the nozzle body and comes as standard.

The diesel fuel that remains on the outside of the spout is captured within the nozzle body once the nozzle is replaced in the nozzle booth, which the company says helps keep the nozzle and scuffguard cleaner. There is also a comfortable handle designed for smaller hands combined with the contoured and convenient composite lever, where the force has been reduced by a third without compromising safety.

Meanwhile, the pressure-controlled active safety sensor (DSA) is an option available for new dispensers with volume or price pre-payment requirements. Elaflex says servicing of the ZVA has also been improved.