Wayne Fueling Systems has been awarded a contract to install their ClearView wet-stock management service product on Morrisons’ 344 petrol stations in the UK.

It is the first win for Wayne’s ClearView wet-stock management product since the acquisition of Vianet Fueling Solutions earlier this year. The solution is designed to solve both compliance and operational challenges for fuel retailers.

“Wayne is delighted with the award of this contract by Morrisons,” said Wayne’s VP of Europe, Damian Tracey. “We feel this is testament to the ongoing support and great service delivered by the Wayne service team today. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with Morrisons and continuing to deliver products and services that support the Morrisons brand.”

This will also be the first time that Morrisons will be using a wet-stock management service that brings greater visibility of wet-stock loss and reduces environmental risk. The collaboration of the two companies establishes a new holistic approach that brings together the existing asset compliance and maintenance services - already provided by Wayne - to deliver significant and tangible operational savings to Morrisons.

“The integrated approach and modern technology that Wayne is providing provides the platform for a significant move forward in our approach to managing our petrol stations,” said Ahmed Mulla of Morrisons. “Of equal importance is that Wayne has established a track record with the services they already provide that give us the confidence to move to this new approach and ultimately deliver the operational advances that we are looking for to serve our customers better at our petrol filling stations.”

Morrisons’ full network roll-out for ClearView wet-stock management services installation began on May 1 of this year and is now fully operatoional.