Number-one Indie MRH looks set to reduce energy costs on lighting and electrical maintenance by almost 90% saving the company some £260,000 each year following a project with energy company Npower.

MRH approached Npower to identify where savings could be made across its 350 petrol stations. Npower recommended replacing the 4,000-plus incandescent bulbs in the forecourt canopies with LED counterparts.

A full survey was undertaken at each site to determine the current lighting configuration, ensuring the replacement light fittings would deliver the correct level of light more efficiently.

The design team at Npower worked alongside contractors Philips Lighting to check all lighting levels and create a bespoke lighting configuration for each individual site.

Philips Lighting Mini 300 LED luminaries were selected for the project as the company says the 3D lighting concept is ideal for high vertical lighting levels such as petrol stations. Each luminary has a widespread optic to ensure uniform lighting levels over the forecourt pumps, reducing glare from the bulb to the driver’s eye.

John Lynn, managing director of MRH, said: "When we began looking at the energy-saving options available, we realised there was potential to make significant reductions. The fact we’re looking at savings of nearly 90% is amazing and demonstrates how easy it is to implement simple changes that make a big difference."

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