Nestlé Professional has launched Nescafé Milano Lounge, a new touchscreen self-serve coffee machine that can deliver up to 400 drink varieties for the on-the-go coffee market.

Catering for the growing consumer demand for quality and customised coffee ’any time, anywhere’, the machine is capable of producing up to 400 drink combinations including an extra shot of coffee, more chocolate, skimmed milk over semi skimmed or a variety of different cup sizes allowing consumers to customise their drink to their preference. For the health conscious, the nutritional content of each individual drink is available with just a few taps and swipes.

Matt Lane, head of beverage solutions at Nestlé Professional, said: "The launch of Nescafé Milano Lounge marks a completely new era for self-serve coffee. This innovative machine offers customers the opportunity to grab a share of the market and deliver a coffee shop experience, whatever their size or catering capabilities.

"The touchscreen interface is designed to engage the consumer and encourage them to interact and customise their drink, and customers can optimise sales through personalised on-screen promotions and videos tailored to their specific business requirements.

"They can also connect to their machine wirelessly to access sales data and manage stock control."

To mark the launch, the brand will be visiting businesses with a mobile ’Lounge’, giving them the opportunity to interact with the machine at first hand.

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