Nestlé Professional has launched the new Alegria machine, offering retailers the opportunity to deliver up to 15 quality café style coffees, retailing at £1 a cup, including Cappuccino, Latté, Mocha and Espresso – all from the same coffee cartridge.

Matt Lane, head of beverage solutions at Nestle Professional, said: “We’ve seen consistent growth in consumer demand for quality coffee, with the coffee shop market now worth £7.2bn and growing by 10.9% each year. What’s more, the growth of ‘on the go’ lifestyles has meant consumers now expect their favourite drink anywhere, anytime and take-away has become routine.

“We can help retailers take advantage of this trend and generate incremental revenue. With machine outlay and set-up costs covered by selling just three cups a day, Nescafe Alegria provides retailers with the perfect opportunity to offer consumers an enjoyable coffee experience from a brand they know and trust and at a price they want.”

He added that the Nescafe Alegria is quick and simple to operate, virtually no training time is needed for staff and the extensive service support includes maintenance, point-of-sale materials and recipe development.

Nestlé Professional is currently running a free prize draw for convenience store owners to win a Nescafe Alegria coffee machine for a year and 1,000 free cups of coffee which can only be entered by visiting the website below.

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