A new App and on-line service has been launched that enables forecourt retailers and members of the public to monitor forecourt crime - both the criminal offence of “drive offs” (also known as bilking) as well as the civil offence of “no means of payment”, which are a significant source of financial loss for petrol retailers.

Forecourt Eye harnesses file sharing capabilities, allowing retailers to instantly send a digital evidence pack to police (including important CCTV evidence) that is compatible with current police systems. In addition, the Forecourt Eye system allows retailers and the police to generate intelligent statistics and track repeat offenders.

Forecourt Eye has been introduced at the BP Linden Service Station on Dewsbury Road, Leeds. Manager Farook Asmal said: “Forecourt Eye has helped us reduce both drive offs and share information with other retailers to track suspects operating in our area. The system was easy to adopt and simple to use and the start-up pack contained a tablet pre-loaded with the all software. All we needed was an internet connection.

“It’s saved us time and money, recovered losses, and has significantly improved our relations with the local police.”

Commenting in the national roll-out of Forecourt Eye sergeant Andy Gregory of West Midlands Police said: “With budget cuts and continuing constraints on Police resources, a system that utilises technology and empowers retailers to tackle crime on their premises is welcomed by West Midlands Police; technology that links retailers electronically to the Police means they can tackle crime faster and more efficiently.”

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