Monitoring the Changing Places network of specially-adapted washroom facilities for people with severe disabilities will now be far easier thanks to Cleen the UK’s first washroom services management tool and review app which has been developed by Hygiene Services Group (HSG).

Cleen enables washroom users to log and publish reviews good and bad via a free app that is easily downloaded onto a smartphone. The Cleen app has a special area for reviews of Changing Places toilets which can be published on issues such as faulty bed hoists or cleanliness issues.

Users can also highlight positive experiences which are shared publicly on the app to encourage others to visit the venue.

HSG has provided Changing Places and equipment suppliers in the washroom sector with a free Cleen Dashboard.

This will notify the equipment providers and Changing Places instantly of issues highlighted via the app so that appropriate action can be taken.

HSG is now working with venues which have Changing Places washrooms to enable them to have their own individual dashboards so that they can also monitor reviews themselves.

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