Time2 is targeting forecourt retailers with a new hand-recognition technology system designed to cut payroll costs.

The WinBase package uses a biometric hand reader which records the shape of the user’s hand, and is designed to record the times staff clock in and out. Users also get a unique PIN number. The system can be connected to holiday and payroll systems, providing a printout to monitor any lateness or absentee patterns.

Brendan Sands, who runs Doncaster-based Time2, says he has already installed the system at several forecourts, including all five of independent retailer Jonathan James’ sites.

Last year’s Forecourt Trader of the Year winners, Philip and Lesley Tout, also started using the system at their Budgens Langley site. Sands says: "This technology can save companies a lot of money. I’m aiming to concentrate on the forecourt sector as it’s already proving popular at sites where it’s being used.

"It’s simple to use - when staff clock on, the software knows what their contracted hours are. When you swipe in with your hand it’s got to be you - no one else can swipe in for you!"

He says the main areas of savings are reduced admin time, improved timekeeping, absence reduction, staff cost visibility, holiday and absence management and automation of the payroll process.

The system costs about £1,500 plus VAT, including hardware, software configuration and training, and it is available to lease or buy. According to Sands, it saves a minimum of 1.5% of annual payment costs, but often this figure is 3% or 4%, and can go up to 8%. The company offers a free trial.

About 40 Budgens c-stores are using the technology, including 15 forecourts, with more in the pipeline.

Jonathan James, of James Graven & Sons, has all his 140 staff on the system.

Sharon Venn, manager of Budgens Langford in Somerset, says: "We started the trial just over a month ago and now we’re ready to take it live. It’s a great time and money saver."

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