DP Fuel Tank Services (DP FTS) has introduced an externally operated tank cleaning service that uses a high-pressure water lance featuring a two-way swivel nozzle, .

The service has been launched in response to customer demands for a ’non man-entry’ method of cleaning underground storage tanks.

DP FTS director Nigel Plumb said: "We have always contended that the only real way to clean a tank thoroughly is for an operative to enter it and clean it from the inside, but some of our customers object to man entry on health and safety grounds.

"While our perfect safety record over nearly 50 years demonstrates these objections are groundless, we obviously like to comply with our customers’ wishes when it is safe to do so."

The lance fits into a standard 100mm opening and uses two 130 psi water jets, rotating on both the horizontal and vertical planes, to clean the whole of the tank wall evenly, while a vacuum tanker ensures the water is extracted from the tank as quickly as it is jetted in.

"In our experience, standard jet washing just cleans swirly patterns on the tank wall, leaving a lot of uncleaned areas behind," added Plumb. "In this new equipment we believe we have found something that will do almost as good a job as man-entry, provided it is used in the right way."

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