Markadis, which claims to be the newest merchant card payment provider on the market, has launched a new face-to-face, on the road, pay-by-phone and e-commerce card acceptance solution for retailers. Adrian Cannon, managing director at Markadis, said: "Our experience in the payments industry has shaped the belief that card acceptance should bring endless business benefits, not more hassle. That’s why our customer service is designed to make sure that nothing gets in the way of our merchants doing better business day-to-day."

Cannon said the firm’s commitment is to its customers no matter their size, location or business type and tailoring its approach to them. He added that by providing clear and competitive terms for easy-to-use products, Markadis is working to level the playing field between its customers and big business.

"And while Markadis can’t cut out the costs of card acceptance altogether, we don’t think they should come with surprises like hidden charges allowing our customers to focus on growing their business," he said.

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