Bestway’s symbol group best-one, has launched a new website for retailers, designed to improve their ‘digital shop-front’ to shoppers and to make the retailer shopping experience even more convenient.

The launch comes as part of a bigger focus on developing the best-one symbol offer under the Bestway portfolio of brands across fanchise, multiple account, symbol group and retail club.

The website also features a newly-launched store locator to help consumers find their local best-one and see what consumer deals are available in their local store.

The retailer user experience has also been improved with updated functionality. The new features will allow best-one retailers to:

- Start and complete their order on any device, as the new website is designed to be easy to use on a mobile phone, tablet or computer;

- Check out faster by creating lists and saving their favourite products;

- Find out where their order is and receive live delivery updates through the new ‘Track my order’ feature;

- See which products are in stock in the depots and receive live updates if anything is unavailable when the order is picked, as well as see any substitutions made during picking;

- Check their ‘My rewards’ statement to see if they are on track to receive up to 5% compliance rebate;

- Easily identify ‘Core Rewards’ products, making it easier to achieve compliance and unlock an additional 5% Core Rewards compliance rebate;

The website has also been given a fresh new look and rebrand, in line with the silver best-one fascia and new store-standards which launched in 2017.

The website includes some of the tools available to best-one retailers such as store planograms, category advice and the drop shipment brochure which launched last month and gives retailers direct access to an additional 140 suppliers who deliver direct-to-store, at Bestway-negotiated prices.

Paul Adams, head of best-one sales and development says: “We’re excited to unveil the new and refreshed website. It’s been in the pipeline for a while and is just one of the new benefits we’re providing for best-one symbol group retailers. We’ve worked with some of our retailers to build and test the site and expect the improved functionality to make it quicker and more convenient for retailers to shop online.

“The consumer front of the website also allows shoppers to locate their local best-one store, giving retailers even more reason to stock the best-one own-label range to provide that point of difference and drive shoppers from the website into store.”

The new website design and functionality is based on the existing Bestway Wholesale and BB Foodservice websites which successfully launched last year, to provide a consistent customer experience which benefits from new upgrades, enhancements and features.