Nisa is trialling its new Epositive Evolution system at single convenience stores and will be rolling out the trial to fuel sites later this year.

Nisa retailer Ian Benney has rolled out the system to his second store, after experiencing success with his first trial site.

He began testing the system in his Chatteris store in October 2014, and found that it saved him a lot of time. While ordering stock the Evolution system has saved him two hours a day compared to the previous Epositive software. Additionally, setting up and checking all the promotions at two stores used to be four days of work per period and it now only takes two hours.

Ian said: “Another positive is the ease of use. It now uses the full screen, compared to the previous system which only used a quarter, ordering is a lot more accurate and there is a huge improvement on promotions. I can manage them a lot better by turning them on or off.

“The availability on the system is excellent and the new functions give it a huge enhancement.”

He also praised the support from Nisa’s IT department in solving any teething problems with the new system. He said: “The IT team has been very supportive whenever we had an issue and fixed it straight away. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. They really have pulled out all the stops for me and the problems have been ironed out.”

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