The world’s first one-handed gas refuelling nozzle has been awarded the 2004 innovation prize by the German Association for the Efficient and Environmentally friendly use of Energy.

Made by Witten, the Safefill nozzle is currently in the final stages of field testing at service stations throughout Germany. The company reckons it’s set to revolutionise the way cars are refuelled with gas throughout the world. This is because it allows natural gas to be dispensed at service stations in exactly the same way as with liquid fuel, by placing the nozzle in the car’s filler pipe, squeezing the lever and refuelling.

Peter Dorzynski, product manager at Witten said: “Safefill is the first refuelling system in the world that any car driver can use intuitively, safely and without the need for instruction. Currently drivers have to use a cumbersome connection using both hands.

“Our tests have given drivers the chance to select either the new system or the old one. Nearly every driver has selected the new nozzle.

“There are over three million gas-powered vehicles in the world and demand is increasing. This new simple refuelling method could help consumers make the decision to purchase more gas-powered cars.”

Carl Long, technical manager at Witten’s UK subsidiary Witt Gas Techniques added: “Superfill wil help promote natural gas as a user-friendly fuel. Refuelling will be so much easier and costs to the service station owner will be reduced as this new nozzle can be integrated into existing pumps.”

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