Going green isn’t only good for the environment - it can also be good for your bank balance too.

DEFRA and HM Customs & Excise have introduced a new scheme aimed at encouraging more businesses to invest in water-saving technology.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) initiative lets companies claim 100% first year capital allowances on investments in products and technology that encourage sustainable water use. This means forecourt operators can write off the whole cost of an investment against their taxable profits during the period in which they make their investment. Eco Technical Services is one of several companies that has been working with the government agencies on this development. And as a result, the company’s recycle machines - free-standing Mobay Washbay facilities and container systems which work with recycle equipment - now all qualify for the ECA scheme. The company offers an environmentally-safe wash solution for cleaning vehicles and plant machinery - reducing the carry off of dust, oil and mud into the environment.

It works by collecting the wash water from a sump or tank, cleaning it of silt and oil, and then passing it to a powerful jet wash or the forecourt’s existing wash equipment.

Eco Technical services estimates that a garage with about 50 vehicles using its facilities per day could save more than £5,000 a year with its car wash water recycling system.

For more information log onto [http://www.eca-water.gov.uk].