OPW claims it is the first manufacturer in the industry to receive the new stringent UL 2586 designation on all of its conventional fueling nozzles and limited vapor recovery nozzles, including the industry standard 11A, 11B, 7H, 7HB and 12VW Series nozzles.

OPW’s 11A, 11B, 7H and 12VW Series nozzles are engineered to meet all industry compliance standards. UL 2586 requires that fueling nozzles and all internal components are compliant with the latest and most aggressive alcohol fuel blends.

In addition to meeting UL 2586, the spout of its 11A and 11B Series nozzles meet both SAE J285 and ISO 9158 / 9159 global fill pipe standards – and are the only nozzles in the industry to do so, says OPW.

“The 11A & 11B are legendary performers and the advanced engineering and technology we build into our nozzles mean we continue to set the industry standard in fueling,” said Ed Kammerer, director of global product management for OPW Retail Fueling. “Being the first manufacturer to earn UL 2586 approval is a reflection of our commitment to always provide the best solutions for our customers.”

To earn UL 2586 approval, fuel nozzles must undergo and pass a rigorous and all encompassing review of their construction (materials, assembly), 25 different categories of nozzle performance, manufacture and testing. All 11A, 11B, 7H and 12VW nozzles manufactured after April 30, 2015, will carry the UL 2586 designation.

In addition to earning UL 2586 approval, the 11A & 11B now come with an aircraft-grade aluminum spout with greater deflection-force strength and is the first nozzle spout in the industry to be compliant with both SAE J285 and ISO 9158/9159 global fill pipe standards.

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