Oyslans has launched Echo-hht, an IOS app that covers all stock control processes. The app works on any iPad or iPhone and therefore removes the need for any investment in a hand-held terminal.

It has also been developed with active in-line sync technology, which means there is no need to connect the iPhone with the back-office system. The app is integrated with Oyslans’ Echo-23 back-office system, meaning Echo-23 is updated in real time.

According to Oyslans director Bala Kumaran, who owns a forecourt in the Cotswolds, the Echo-htt makes management of items easy. He said: "In just a scan you can create or edit an item from anywhere. Once it is scanned by the app it will display all the details."

When it comes to stock control, the user just has to scan an item and the app will provide the stock balance, and records can be updated with any stock purchases that are added.

Stock ordering can also be carried out by scanning the items and the Echo-23 back-office system will process the order.

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