Safety accredited contractors who work on forecourts are being reminded that they may need to renew their Forecourt Passports.

The Forecourt Passport scheme was established almost five years ago by the Safety Pass Alliance, in conjunction with UKPIA and contractors, to ensure that workers in the industry are trained to meet specific standards and are aware of the special hazards and safety issues that filling stations present. The credit card-sized Forecourt Passport verifies that its holder has completed an oil industry certified two-day training course. The scheme has been highly successful - more than 11,000 passports have been issued and there are now 26 training providers across the UK.

However, the passport is only valid for three years, after which a one-day refresher course is required. The Safety Pass Alliance and UKPIA say that many of those contractors who originally received passports will now be due for refresher training and should check their passport expiry date to ensure it is valid - or they could be turned away from a site. Oil companies and some supermarket fuel retailers now require contractors to have completed the training before they are allowed to work on their forecourts.

Contractors can renew their passports for an additional three years up to six months before the expiry date. Contractors whose passports have expired or are due to shortly should contact the Safety Pass Alliance or UKPIA to find their nearest training provider.

Petrol retailers are also reminded to ask contractors to show their passport before commencing work. This not only helps sites comply with their obligations under DSEAR but will also provide reassurance that work is being carried out safely.


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