Pastorfrigor GB (PFGB) has developed and patented new technology that it says will make integral refrigeration a more viable option for retailers.

The Genova Ecovision MCT is a low-front glass door integral multideck that features innovative technology, the Micro Channel Evaporator, creating a new generation of plug-in Genova chillers with open multideck and freezers to follow.

Simon Robinson, PFGB’s managing director, said: “The new evaporator enables us to use much less refrigerant resulting in us being able to use much smaller compressors. This delivers lower energy consumption and less heat rejection compared to a standard cabinet, meaning it takes away all of the reasons why retailers prefer not to use integrals, such as higher running costs, noisy condensing units and heat rejection issues into the store.”

The Ecovision is a low front cabinet with five tier 500mm shelves, a choice of door styles to suit customers needs and LED lighting. The cabinet, which is in two versions can be pre-ordered now for deliveries from August this year.

“A water-loop system is also available for the Genova Ecovision MCT, which is a superb way to remove the heat generated from the cabinets in the store. This system uses water via a plastic hose, a pump and a condenser outside. There is also the additional benefit that you need significantly less refrigerant and installation compared to a conventional remote system.”

Feedback from retailers has already been phenomenal, said Robinson: “We launched the technology at EuroShop on March 5. Every refrigeration expert, store designer and consultant who visited us saw the benefits and were impressed – but the reaction of retailers was the real eye opener. They could see that our new technology is the future for their refrigeration needs,” he said.

PFGB showcased the new launch again at 2017 Retail’s Best Forecourt & Convenience Partners event on 23 March, and at the Farm Shop & Deli Show in Birmingham from 24-26 April.

“Retailers at every event were impressed with its low noise, low energy consumption and efficiency,” added Robinson.

“Our role, as an innovative business that keeps up with this fast pace of change, is to find and develop new technologies that will work for retailers,” he said. “We know this is one of the biggest reasons our customers come to us and stay with us – because we understand their needs and bring innovations to them.”

“We truly believe this is just the start, as now we can begin to build future cabinet designs around the smaller evaporator to increase its display area, too.

“We are proud to be supporting the pioneering convenience retailers of today to grow their businesses, with the latest and best in refrigeration technology,” he concluded.

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