Petroleum payment solutions supplier OTI PetroSmart and and Fuel Telematics Solutions (FTS), a venture capital backed company specialising in mobile payment solutions for fuel retailing, have formed a partnership to deliver secure mobile payment solutions for corporate fleet vehicles.

Under the terms of the partnership, OTI PetroSmart’s Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) solution EasyFuelPlus will be combined with the cloud-based mobile payment and engagement platform developed by FTS. The integrated solution will be marketed by both companies.

“The FTS platform was already perfect for consumers, but we were faced with a simple but important dilemma when it came to corporate fleet users,” said Peter Birrell, managing director of FTS, “how can we ensure that our mobile payment platform is being used for refuelling of the right vehicle?

“We found a compelling solution in OTI PetroSmart’s EasyFuelPlus solution, which gives us the ability to check for a secure vehicle-mounted tag as part of our platform’s authorisation process. The EasyFuelPlus technology acts as the extra level of security that ensures that a fleet driver using mobile payment is in fact refuelling only the vehicles that he is authorised to refuel.”

Charlotte Hambly-Nuss, managing director of OTI PetroSmart, commented: “We are delighted to be able to add mobile payment to our already extensive product portfolio, and to be able to support FTS with such an important requirement.

“The sophisticated yet flexible nature of the FTS mobile platform has allowed us to accelerate our plans to introduce such a product, and we are excited about working together with FTS to deliver a solution that is truly compelling for drivers and retailers alike.”

OTI PetroSmart and FTS will be exhibiting together at the UNITI expo trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, on June 14-16.