Forecourt technology provider Petrotec has launched the IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum) Plug-in, a software tool that is able to transform any POS system into a fully fledged IFSF-certified system.

The IFSF Plug-in uses state-of-the-art technology and delivers Windows and Linux compatibility.

It is said to be the only IFSF certified CD device; implements IFSF Master/Slave CD mechanism; and reduces costs by avoiding lengthy development cycles, costly certification, and risky field testing trials.

Petrotec claims that the system eliminates all the complexity of the IFSF LON protocol and provides a simple, intuitive and reliable application programme interface to easily and seamlessly control and manage the IFSF forecourt devices.

The system integrates with standard off-the-shelf LON converters and can also be supplied with industrial grade hardware. It is available from all Petrotec distributors.

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