A petrol forecourt in Cheshire is starting to see an increase in profits from its coffee offering following the installation of a Piccolo coffee system the compact all-in-one beverage solution from Tchibo.

Retailer Usman Patel, who runs the convenience store attached to the Lancashire Hill Service Station in Stockport, had the machine installed five months ago and saw an uplift in coffee sales almost immediately.

He has also installed Tchibo’s Massimo concept to create a bigger, more impactful ’to go’ area around the Piccolo.

This provides customers with an integrated coffee and hot food section, where they can pick up pastries and pasties when they grab their coffee. Since the installation, sales have increased to 27 cups a day, and he is currently on track to make more than £4,500 profit a year from his coffee offering.

The Piccolo Coffee System was developed for the forecourt and convenience sector and is available through Tchibo’s profit share scheme, which enables stockists to serve coffee with no capital outlay (excluding milk, if required).

Patel said: "I’m really pleased with the results so far. For a relatively small store like ours, it is too much of a financial burden to purchase a coffee machine outright, so Tchibo’s profit share concept was spot on for us.

"There was no initial outlay for the Piccolo coffee system and all coffee and consumables are supplied. Not only that, but Tchibo also provides fantastic support in the form of point-of-sale material to help promote the fact that we sell high-quality coffee in-store.

"We stock a wide range of everyday products including fresh items, beers, wines and spirits, groceries and confectionery.

"We pride ourselves on great customer service, flexible opening hours to suit our customers’ needs and offering lots of useful services, so the Tchibo Piccolo Coffee System is perfect for our store."

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