A Portsmouth-based company is launching a new piece of equipment designed to protect retailers from credit card cloning. Pin Protect says its Pin-Defender units aim to "eliminate the weak point of Chip & PIN" by preventing shoulder surfing, covert cameras and viewing or tampering with point-of-sale card readers or PIN entry pads by rogue members of staff.

According to Mark Sanderson, the company’s sales director, the Pin-Defender’s design limits the view to everyone except the user due to an adjustable grill which is placed over the PIN pad. He says: "The Pin-Defender is designed to protect the petrol retailer from anyone placing cameras above the PIN pad, as well as deterring staff from such activities and protecting the public."

Prices for the gadget start at £20 plus VAT. Sanderson says the company has had interest from one oil company and adds that one of the major high street retailers is planning to trial the product.

The products are being produced at the company’s Hayling Island factory.

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