Customers of Wilcomatic can vastly increase their premium wash income by adding a Christ Protect Shine Xpress programme to their rollover car wash menus, according to the company.

The popularity of premium wash programmes has helped to increase the average wash price, but the previous generation of special wax programmes had the disadvantage that programmes run for 10-to-15 minutes.

Often, this time was increased by the need for intermediate drying before the special wax could be applied.

Wilcomatic managing director, Kevin Pay explained: "Such long programme times vastly reduce vehicle throughput and cause those waiting in a queue to drive off, as they don’t want to wait that long."

He said that with the Protect Shine Xpress programme sequence, machine capacity is increased by up to 40% without the wash and drying quality being reduced.

The full programme, with high-pressure pre-wash, wheel wash, double wash overrun, Protect Shine wax application and double drying is carried out in six-and-a-half minutes.

He adds that the premium value of Protect Shine is that it gives the vehicle a long-lasting brilliant diamond gloss and fills paint unevenness. Regular application repairs the roughness all automotive paint is subject to over time; even smoothing out uneven spots. All this results in a premium shine.

The Protect Shine Xpress option is available with Christ Centus, Varius, Genius, Primus, Varius 1+1 and Varius Takt models.

A number of marketing aids are also available with the package; including a large two-sided turnaround tension band, a large format poster, six feeders for petrol station toppers and a package including 1,000 flyers.

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