PSD Codax, the developer of token-free control systems for car wash equipment, is introducing PIN-free payment solutions for forecourt retailers.

The new PIN-free payment kiosks offer a number of money-saving advantages to retailers and work in a similar way to contactless payment methods.

Customers using the new Codax terminals no longer have to key in a PIN number to start their wash programme they simply insert their bank card into a card reader to pay for their chosen services.

"The new reader in Codax payment kiosks incorporates the latest secure payment processing using chip technology but without the requirement for a PIN number to be entered," said PSD Codax managing director, Graham Round.

"The elimination of the PIN keypad will reduce production costs and make card processing in the car wash environment less susceptible to reliability issues."

He added: "Our PIN-free kiosks are faster to use and more convenient as motorists don’t have to key in a PIN number or queue in the shop to pay. This will help to speed up transactions and customer throughput during busy periods."

The PIN-free terminals are the latest contactless payment solution from Codax, which recently launched its Go-Wash app which enables customers to select and buy wash services on their mobile phones.

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