Top 50 Indie MRH Retail has called on PSD Codax, the developer of token-free control systems for car care equipment, to help tighten its control of car wash sales.

MRH Retail operates more than 300 outlets and has integrated the latest PSD Codax technology with its point-of-sale system (POS) to clamp down on unauthorised car washes. Unauthorised washes represent lost revenue for MRH Retail’s station operators.

The Codax system issues car wash codes for customers only when a till transaction has been completed. This prevents unauthorised and free car washes as well as eliminating genuine mistakes.

POS integration with Codax technology will also enable head office to collect accurate sales data from almost any sales desk and provide more opportunities for staff to sell car care services.

The Codax system plugs directly into the in-store network so that all tills can be used to sell car wash programs and print access codes. All car washes and valet services are automatically included in the sales data.

Graham Round, managing director of PSD Codax, said: "We are delighted that MRH Retail is linking Codax with its POS system to maximise security, improve revenue data collection and boost sales of its car care services.

"Codax technology already offers improved security and reporting for most major forecourt operators but integrating it with their POS systems takes this to the next level."

Andrew Jackson, general manager of MRH Retail, said: "We need to ensure we provide the best possible tools and system to our station operators.

"Helping them to manage their businesses is very high on our agenda and working with Codax helps us to achieve these goals."

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