Top 50 Indie Rontec has awarded a five-year contract to ICASA to manage the back and head office for its stations with the ICASA Energy Software Suite.

"We are near completing the roll-out of the project, which is aiming at managing the full wet and dry stock for roughly 170 stations via the ICASA Energy Software Suite," Tom Cookson, Rontec’s fuels and IT director, said.

"One of the strengths of the ICASA Suite is that it is process driven and can be configured to reflect our own processes. We can map or remap our business processes onto the ICASA Suite, for instance by making features available at HQ or station, changing layouts of reports.

"As our wet-stock recording is directly connected to the ICASA suite, we are able to centralise our stock levels, price management and transactional details. Based on the daily reports we can control and analyse the performance and the profitability of our stations, and make sure our customers get the best service possible."

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