VSG has been working to improve a number of security issues at BP sites around the UK. According to the company, this includes introducing a ’profit protection’ scheme with manned guarding as well as the appointment of two regional and one national profit protection managers.

The regional profit protection managers have been working with BP to carry out criminal risk assessments and look at every aspect of security at each site. One major recommendation has been for more staff training on topics such as how to recognise when a theft has occurred or is occurring, how to deal with shoplifters, and how to handle and defuse confrontational situations.

Gary Worrow, retail HSSE advisor for BP, said: "The results of VSG’s work to date have been pleasing, with costs well controlled and security, especially in the key area of staff protection, significantly enhanced." In addition, VSG has developed relationships between stores and their local police forces to help introduce banning orders for major offenders these prohibit the individuals from entering BP sites.

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