The Henderson Group is piloting a self-checkout service at its Spar Dundonald forecourt store in Belfast which, if successful, could be rolled out to Spar stores across the UK.

This is the latest innovation at the six-lane site, which already has pay-at-pump facilities for fuel customers.

The new system has been developed with Spar’s long-term IT partner, Business Computer Projects (BCP), which has also developed electronic shelf-edge labelling and an improved SparPOS deals engine for the Henderson Group.

According to Spar, the self-checkout system has security features to minimise the risk of theft. The customer takes their purchases to a special self-checkout unit where they scan each product, pay for, and bag their goods. Upon scanning the customer places the product into a bag, which is automatically weighed to ensure it correlates to the weight of the scanned goods.

The units accepts both cards and cash.

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