Revel Systems has announced a global framework agreement with Shell Retail, which allows for the implementation of Revel’s iPad-based POS system services at selected retail fuel sites worldwide. This agreement follows a proof of concept in 2015-16.

Revel is an iPad point of sale solution for single and multi-location businesses. It provides Shell retailers with the ability to instantly know the state of their business through a mobile, accessible system.

"Improving our customer journey and experience while keeping all of our sites running with quick and easy service is paramount," said Maggie van’t Hoff, CIO, Shell Retail. "With Revel Systems we are implementing new tablets and payment options that are easy to use, innovative and will improve the customer experience so that customers keep coming back to Shell."

Chris Ciabarra, co-founder and CTO of Revel Systems, said: "We are confident that this technology and method of delivering through site systems as a service will be adopted throughout the fuel industry and beyond."