Xmo Strata has extended its forecourt maintenance contract with Swiss company ABB for another five years.

The deal means Xmo Strata will be sub-contracted to do maintenance on all signware, image maintenance and canopy repair work on UK forecourts managed by ABB until 2013. This includes Esso’s On The Run sites nationwide - Esso employs ABB in the capacity of a facilities management company to run all the maintenance on its sites across Europe.

ABB is responsible for the maintenance of more than 600 petrol stations in the UK and 8,000 in Europe.

The company’s project engineer, Dan Pass, says that since commissioning Xmo Strata in 2005, it has seen projected cost savings of £3m, and he is confident more savings will be made over the next five years.

Steve Martin, Xmo Strata managing director, says: "Savings such as these are realistic and achievable provided that both parties come from a position of understanding, trust and commitment."

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