The recent icy weather has caused no end of problems for businesses and organisations as staff and customers have battled against the elements. However, the problems have not ended at the front door. As snow is brought in by those who have managed to get across the threshold, hard surfaces can become dangerously slippery and cause a potential health and safety risk.

A huge increase in fractures has been reported since the beginning of the cold snap, but for many businesses slippery floors pose a potential danger whatever the weather conditions.

Steven Phillips, managing director of flooring care specialists Bonasystems, explains: "A clean dry floor is a prerequisite for organisations who want to avoid causing injury to employees and shoppers, as the risk of slipping on tiled floors has been shown to double in wet conditions.

"One of the problems we’ve found is that organisations don’t test for and therefore don’t know about the degree to which their floors are slip resistant when they are dry, let alone when they are wet. As part of their health and safety programmes all organisations should have anti-slip strategies."

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