WMF has launched a new bean-to-cup coffee machine designed to provide the functionality of a much larger machine from a slimline body.

The 5000S is WMF’s third new generation bean to cup machine. It is built with a high-performance pump and a heavy duty brewer with a capacity of up to 19g normally used in larger capacity machines, to give operators the benefits of a high speed, reliable and consistent beverage offer.

The WMF 5000S is 325mm wide and its touch screen interface enables it to be used for self service use, and can double up as promotional space for key messages.

Other new features on the 5000S include ‘Clean in Place’, a time-saving, HACCP compliant cleaning system which enables the cleaning of the milk foamer without the need to disassemble it or remove it from the machine, and the ‘Dynamic Milk System’.

Because the majority of coffees are served with milk, WMF has invested time in developing a system that enables the 5000S to automatically produce hot and cold milk and hot and cold milk foam, with four different consistencies of hot milk foam and three varieties of cold milk foam.

The 5000S also comes with a steam jet which can heat cups up to the correct temperature in a matter of seconds; lockable, dishwasher-proof bean hoppers and a timer function that can be used to turn the machine on and off, switch it to self service at designated times of the day and limit the availability of certain drinks and functions as required.

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