Fuel distributor Thomas Silvey has invested in Oasis, the ‘smart’ technology platform to manage its fuel card business.

Silvey is a family-owned business, which supplies domestic heating oil, road fuels, lubricants and LPG fuel to the south west of England and Wales, and in addition to its five filling stations, has a fleet of 10 modern tankers.

Silvey looked to Oasis to help grow fuel card volume organically, with an emphasis on improved value to customers as well as streamlining administration.

The improvement programme included the upgrading of fuel card readers at all Silvey sites to accept ‘smart’ cards, and so transferring the management of the Silvey local Account card to CH Jones Oasis. The reasoning behind this was to reduce the overall administative burden for Thomas Silvey while

offering customers an enhanced fuel card service with ‘smart only’ cards that provide extra security and control.

“We have been working with CH Jones for around 12 years now and have promoted the Diesel Direct card as well as our own Silvey Card,” said David Hatherell, Thomas Silvey’s joint managing director. “We were made aware of the new smart technology and could see the benefits in terms of control, reduced administration and security.

“It is a very slick system and allows for easy management in terms of signing up new customers, requesting new cards and accessing up-to-date and accurate information.

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