A Somerset forecourt has enhanced its green credentials with the installation of solar panels to generate electricity and the introduction of energy saving LED lighting.

Simon Lunn, owner and manager of the Simply Fresh/BP site at Weare in Somerset, explained that while motorists top up with fossil fuel, the electricity for the business is topped up from the sun, showing that even the most environmentally unfriendly products, such as petrol, can still benefit from a green treatment.

The 32 PV (photovoltaic) panels took Devon-based company, Solar Synergy, less than two days to install, meaning that disruption to customers was minimal.

They will generate around 10KW of renewable electricity a year, saving the site over £2,000 and more than 5,111 kg of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

Simon said that while the filling station is open 14 hours and electrical use is high, it is surprising just how much electricity the solar panels have generated since their installation.

The site has also had LED canopy lights fitted to reduce their electricity consumption further. These were fitted by ITAB Prolight UK.