A new range of frozen storage units designed to save both space and energy costs has been launched by Adande.

Its drawer system can be used as standalone units or can be integrated into service counters and is designed for bulk storage of up to 40kg of food at the point of sale.

The system is designed to facilitate fast replenishment of counters and eliminate the need for staff to leave their position to fetch stock.

High efficiency panel insulation allows cooking equipment or saladettes to be mounted on the units, to create space saving, self-contained food retailing counters in convenience stores, forecourt outlets and quick-service restaurants.

Adande claims its highly efficient system can achieve energy savings of 60% compared with other under-counter refrigeration equipment.

Units are available in one-, two- or three-drawer modules, all of which require only one 13 amp power supply, for ’plug and go’ operation.

The temperature of each drawer can be set through a range from -22oC to +15oC, at 0.1oC increments, and the system can also be configured to accommodate a blast chiller drawer.

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