Forecourts could generate extra revenue from newspaper and magazine sales through the use of battery-powered news vending machines sited next to their pumps.

The Journal Vending Company’s compact unit measures just 1606mm high x 809mm wide by 352mm deep and is able to vend single copies of newspapers and magazines. It accepts coins, notes and pre-paid subscription cards, plus it gives change.

Customers can see what they’re getting thanks to a window, which can show the front/back page double-faced or single-faced with point of sale literature below.

It has three supply options: 100v to 240v; accumulator with solar cell; and 12v battery.

Michael Ison, managing director at the Journal Vending Company, says: “There are two benefits for forecourts using these machines – firstly they would sell additional newspapers and magazines. Secondly retailers would receive a three-figure rental fee for each vending machine and many forecourts would be suitable for more than one machine.”

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