STA Technical Redesigns Fuel Tank Lid

STA Technical has redesigned the forecourt critical fuel tank lid to ensure its effectiveness, flexibility and ease of operator use.

The requirement of a liner in failed single-skinned tanks has prompted the need to review the design of the lid, as STA’s managing director, Warren Peters explains: “Historically the lid’s entry holes were close to the edge, but with a liner now an integral part of the tank design, the traditional lid format isn’t fit for purpose.

“Requested by Eurotank and others to look at the issue, STA’s new design sees the lid entry holes moved further into the centre, which not only overcomes the constraints of the liner, but enables us to provide more entry holes per lid.”

The company says that with over 20 lids now installed ”and all working like a dream”, the new design is ticking all the boxes both in terms of effectiveness and flexibility. Peters says: “Most lids we have manufactured meet a five 3” entry, two 2” entry and one 4” entry, but the combination can be changed to meet the forecourt’s needs.”

Reinforcing the company’s evolution not revolution philosophy, Peters continues: “Our tank chamber adapter plates provide a perfect solution for older underground storage tanks that don’t benefit from a chamber support frame. The plates we manufacture are simply sandwiched between the manway upstand and the tank lid and as they are laser cut to micro millimetre accuracy, can be built into any design layout. They also negate the need to weld in a tank upstand support frame in a zoned area, which brings untold health and safety benefits.”

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