Dresser Wayne, the retail fuelling business of US manufacturer Dresser, Inc, has launched a new high-tech petrol pump with integrated multi-media display.

The stylish Global Ovation iX fuel dispenser, unveiled last month in Warsaw, Poland, has a video display to show ads as customers fill up at the pumps. Other features include the Xflo Meter, Dresser Wayne’s fastest, most accurate fuel meter which the company says virtually eliminates meter drift, meaning it never needs recalibration and can save retailers thousands of litres of lost fuel every year.

"The Global Ovation iX offers unprecedented marketing capabilities and a whole new way to bring customers from the forecourt into the store," says Gray Taylor, Dresser Wayne vice president of global marketing and business development.

"Its full-colour, in-dispenser video display can be customised to promote in-store products according to market trends or even the time of day. Combined with a little creativity, the possibilities are tremendous."

According to Texas-based Dresser Wayne, the pump features the award-winning iX technology platform.

"The Global Ovation iX furthers Dresser Wayne’s commitment to helping petrol retailers realise greater profits, reduce costs, and meet the demands of a more sophisticated, rapidly-changing marketplace," says Taylor. "It is also designed to address some of the issues facing the industry such as environmental concerns."

The company adds that the new pump can be configured for compatibility with alternative fuels.

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