Stanley Security Solutions’ Stanley Assure Scheme gives forecourt owners the opportunity to rent security systems rather than pay for them outright.

This is how it works: Stanley buys back your existing equipment at its residual or market value and takes over that security system (regardless of whether they supplied it or not). They then upgrade it to an agreed value to ensure it meets your needs and incorporates the latest security technology; then they hire it back to you on evenly spread, manageable payment terms.

Andrew Wray, general manager SME of Stanley Security Solutions, said: “Our rental solution provides an affordable means of upgrading a complete security system and removes the need to justify and raise significant capital outlay in a depreciating asset. It’s also good for cash flow as you know exactly what you’re paying each month.”

He added that depending on the package you opt for, you could also include a maintenance contract and a monitoring package, all with one agreed regular payment scheme for total peace of mind.

Wray advised that retailers avoid third party finance, as it’s easier dealing with one provider for equipment, services and finance. “If you have a provider that offers in-house finance solutions, the finance programme can be structured to suit your specific requirements. For example, you may want to mix and match what you pay for within those terms and be able to adjust the terms as your own business circumstances change. Stanley Assure – Stanley Security’s rental finance solution – is financed entirely in house,” explained Wray.

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