WashTec has recently installed a state-of-the art SoftCare2 Pro car wash at the Harwoods Group’s Texaco site on the Isle of Wight. The car wash has a number of new features including oscillating high-pressure jets, 21-inch wheel washers and a 270-degree revolving roof, high-pressure jet and drying system.

Commenting on the investment, David Hand, Harwoods’ managing director said: "The prospect of making a major capital investment in the height of a recession was not one we relished but the logic was sound and we decided to research the options available.

"A new machine would need to restore customer confidence and at the same time offer something new and unique. It needed to look more advanced too as we were proposing a major site revamp at the same time. But above all it needed to be reliable with the support of a strong and committed company behind it.

"Ultimately only one company gave us the confidence we needed and as Washtec had recently launched its new SoftCare2 Pro machine which fulfilled our requirements for some USPs to win back our lost custom, we found the decision surprisingly easy.

"From signing the order to the installation day took just seven weeks during which time we were constantly impressed by WashTec’s attention to detail. Dawn Frazer, WashTec’s marketing manager, provided marketing support in advance of our re-launch and even arranged for new signage to be made for us.

"When we suggested we would like a film of the machine to run on a loop in our forecourt shop and on our website, WashTec’s Steve Richard went back to the office and edited one of their promotional videos to make it suitable to show our customers absolutely incredible!

"The machine has been up and running for around a month now and apart from one minor adjustment, which WashTec carried out within hours of our request, it has been faultless.

"The results are way beyond even our expectations and our customers are returning fast as word gets around."

WashTec says it offers forecourts a complete car wash package from pre-installation marketing to daily maintenance training. It has more than 70 engineers throughout the UK. 01371 878800