• Launch of Edible Biscuit Bowls (sweet & savoury) and
  • Biscuit Sporks (two savoury and 2 sweet favours)
  • Extension to current Eco Tableware range: Pasta Straws, Edible Cups, Eco-Plates, Edible Spoons
  • Complete range offers easy to use and fun solutions to comply with Defra Ban coming into effect in October 2023


In time for the Defra Ban coming into effect in October 2023, pasta straw company Stroodles has extended its eco-tableware product range to now also include edible biscuit bowls and biscuit sporks, aiming to make compliance ’fun and easy’.

This further complements the range that currently includes pasta straws, edible cups, eco-plates, edible spoons and edible stirrers. All of the company’s new and existing products are 100% biodegradable, vegan, zero waste and even edible, and most importantly, don’t compromise on the drinking or dining experience.

Since the launch of the company’s famous pasta drinking straws in 2019, chief stroodle founder Maxim Gelmann, says that the company’s aim is to show how easy it is to do good, ‘one Stroodle product at a time’. Concerning the motivation behind the expansion of their product portfolio, Maxim Gelmann says: “Stroodles is more than a company, we are a movement dedicated to making real change by impacting the planet in positive, eco-kind ways. We have always taken our commitment to creating solutions to plastic pollution very seriously. Ever since we launched with our signature pasta straw we knew this was just the start of our journey.”

The range extension thereby coincides with the Defra Ban coming into effect in October 2023 , which bans plates, trays, bowls, cutlery, balloon sticks, and expanded and extruded polystyrene (EPS) food and beverage containers (including cups). Considering that the Stroodles range practically offers solutions to all the different tableware categories addressed in the ban, Maxim Gelmann says: “This ban will help us accelerate adoption and ease our educational work that we have been doing since our inception. Now, stroodling is not just a ‘nice-to have’ or something for the early adopters cementing their sustainability commitment. Stroodling is now a legal requirement and as such will accelerate adoption as compliance will offer a strong business case for internal decision making and shorten sales cycles.

Stroodles edible biscuit bowls are made from a Ryvita-type material and can hold hot and cold meals for over 1.5hrs. They are vegan and 100% biodegradable and available in 3 sizes (300ml, 150ml and 50ml) across a savoury and sweet version. Especially the 300ml version that fits perfectly in the palm of a hand is an ideal and uncompromising alternative for bowl food, smoothie bowls, soups or any other catering arrangements. While it is possible to use the bowl not only as a vessel, but as part of a dish like with an Eton Mess, it is even possible to bake the bowls to make a quiche.

Stroodles Biscuit Sporks last 30+ min with hot and cold meals, are 13cm long, edible, vegan, 100% biodegradable and are available across four flavours: classic, cocoa, black pepper and Masala. They are described as a perfect and uncompromising alternative to use with savoury meals, as well as desserts and can be snacked on after use.

While those two products are currently only available for trade buyers, they will shortly be made available for retail purchases alongside pasta straws, edible spoons and eco plates.

Waving goodbye to single-use plastics, ‘one Stroodle at a time’, the Stroodles portfolio is targeting a memorable sustainable experience in any hospitality, catering, event and retail environment.